2019 Gun Dan Ba! Zhong Liu Jun (TV Series-40 episodes) DOP

2018 The Listener (TV Series-36 episodes) DOP

2018 The Only Way To Go (Feature) DOP

2017 Zheng Yang Men Xia 2 (TV Series-40 episodes) DOP

2016 Undercover Season1,2 (TV Series-24 episodes) DOP

2015 The Rules of Remarriage (TV Series-36 episodes) DOP 

2015 The Ex-wives (TV Series-38 episodes) DOP 

2015 The Chinese Style Harmony (experimental film) DOP/ 2nd Place in Video Art @X Florence Biennale 2015

2015 Qing Man Si He Yuan (TV Series-37 episodes) DOP /Nominated Best Cinematography @24th Shanghai TV Festival 

2014  Back to the Reality (TV Series-40 episodes)  DOP

2013  Up In the Cloud (Feature)  DOP 

2013  Red/Hu Ci Hong (TV Series-45 episodes)  DOP /  Annual Best TV Drama @ East Movie Channel Awards 2014

2012  Minus Thirty-eight Celsius Degree (TV Series-42 episodes)  DOP / Best Cinematography @2013 CTSDA Award

2012  the Cableway Doctor (Feature)  DOP  / 2013 Chinese Film Outstanding Contribution Awards ; Nominated Best Film @the 15th Huabiao Film Award

2012  the Story of a Snail (Feature)  DOP

2011  Once Upon A Time in Shanxi (TV Series-25 episodes)  DOP

​2011 Legend of Jie Zhenguo (TV Series-37 episodes)  DOP

​2010  the Fairy Tale (Feature)  DOP /Nominated Best Cinematography & Best Feature Film @the 28th Golden Rooster Award

​2010  You Are My Happiness  (TV Series-30 episodes)  DOP

​2009  Long Ding (Feature)  DOP

​2009  Let's Fall In Love (Feature)  DOP

​2009  Red Leaves of Mountains (TV Series-20 episodes)  DOP  / Best TV Drama @the 28th China TV Dramas Feitian Prize

2009  the Great Boss (TV Series-40 episodes)  DOP

2008  77 Death Notices (TV Series-30 episodes)  DOP

2007  ​the Rainbow Flower (Feature)  DOP /  Nominated Best Feature @the 10th Changchun Film Festival

2007  Blood Brother (Feature)  Cinematographer

​2006  Hou, Xianglin (Documentary)  Cinematographer

​2006  Postman in Shangri-La (Feature)  Cinematographer  / Nominated Best Feature Film @the 26th Golden Rooster Award

​2006  Gun of Mercy (Feature)  Cinematographer  / Nominated Best Cinematography @the 9th Changchun Film Festival

​2006  A Red  Jacket  (Feature)  Cinematographer  / the 26th Chicago International Children's Film Festival

​2003  1941 (Feature)  Cinematographer